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stopping them? >> members of congress, members from both political parties actually came to us and showed us all kinds of letters and e-mails that they've been exchanging in which they're trying to get the most basic information about what the nsa is doing and spying on american citizens and what the fisa court has been doing in terms of declaring some of this illegal, some of it legal. remember, we keep hearing that there's all kinds of robust oversight by congress and we need not worry and yet these members of congress, one who is
members of congress, one who is morgan griffith and alan grayson from florida showed us and we're publishing this morning very detailed letters trying to get this information and they're being blocked from getting it and they've said and other members have said that they are forced to learn about what the nsa is doing from what they're reading in our reporting. >> and when you say they're being blocked, how are they being blocked? people are refusing to give it to them in congress? >> correct. i think the most amazing thing, one of the most amazing things in this whole episode, martha, is that there is a 2011 opinion,
. breaking this morning, u.s. warships in position for a possible strike on syria. accused of using chemical weapons, has syria finally crossed a red line? >> it's very troublesome. >> are we on the brink of war? >>> plus in egypt, anarchy on the streets of this key u.s. ally. we're here on the ground and anchoring from the region with all the breaking details. and 50 years later, remembering a day that changed the nation. >> what was at stake that day? >> the future of america. >> was dr. king's dream fulfilled? the powerhouse roundtable weighs in on that and all the week's politics. it's all right here this sunday morning. >> from abc news, a special edition of "this week" with martha raddatz in cairo. and jonathan karl in washington. starts right now. >>> good morning, george is off today. we're reporting from a region on the brink, and all eyes are on syria, where an apparent chemical weapons attack could lead to american military action. here in cairo, we're just 100 miles from the mediterranean sea where u.s. warships are now at the ready. this morning, officials tell abc news that u.s
a name for themselves. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> good. >> thank you, martha.
security counsel. if there's no u.n. authorization, the u.s. would lead a possible strike. but one official says, quote, we don't want to do anything on our own. u.s. allies must commit both resources and political will. we'll have more from washington in a few moments. but first back to the region, martha. >> thanks, jon. let's bring in colonel steve, a veteran fighter pilot who flew missions in the gulf war and was a deputy secretary of state. welcome, colonel. let's get to the question about the cruise missile strikes. the white house said there will be no boots on the ground. how would these work out of the mediterranean? >> there are a couple ways it could be done. one is by launching them from ships at sea out in the eastern mediterranean or from submari submarines. it's a long, 20-foot sort of flying torpedo, and has wings and a little jet engine that allows it to fly at low altit e altitudes over the sea. it can fly through mountain canyons and hit with accuracies where you can pick third window on the left. that is good. but we have to remember they're small warheads, and
you with us. and we begin with breaking news as more than 20 embassies and consulates are closing around the world right now. and here at home, increased security measures are now in place. abc news has learned this morning that the intercepted communications that led to the alert indicate terrorists are planning an attack that is going to be big and, quote, strategically significant. yesterday the white house held an hour's long meeting, high-level meeting with the country's top national security officials to discuss the response to the threat, and we've just learned what went on at that meeting, so let's go straight to jon karl, who is at the white house, and, jon, it sounds like the national security community is really spooked by this. >> reporter: no doubt about that, martha. the high-level meetings here at the white house over the weekend are a sign of just how seriously the u.s. is taking this threat. in fact, officials tell us they believe that there are al qaeda operatives already in place for this attack in yemen and possibly in other countries, as well. the cause for co
forced into that position? >> that's the question. where is the red line for the u.s. there was never a red line in syria, and you see tens and thousands of people killed. they've lost 900 people now in egypt. there still seems to be no red line. we don't know what the u.s. will do next. i have talked to officials, and they said repair parts for some of the military equipment, perhaps apache helicopters, will that make a difference? they have money from elsewhere. >> stand by. right now, bring the questions, two of the men responsible for making u.s. policy, bob corker, and the democrat on the house foreign affairs committee, elliott engle. you've resisted calls to suspend u.s. aid because the u.s. has to be a voice of calm. but can you justify it in the coup and the crackdown? >> the actions of the last week will cause us to suspend aid. and at the same time it's a time to recalibrate and look at what is our national interest. there's no question that we overestimated what our leverage was, and we've underestimated the leverage that saudi arabia and uae has had on th
civil war be next for this u.s. ally? is there anything america can do to stop it? we're on the ground with breaking details. >>> republican family feud. >> welcome to politics, it's a tough business. >> politico calls this the gop's eve of destruction. this morning the party chair is here. >>> and the uproar over stop frisk. have police gone too far or keeping cities safe? >> plus the roundtable on all the week's politics right here this sunday morning. >>> from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts now. >>> good morning. we have brand new developments right now from egypt. after a week of violence that's killed hundreds, injured thousands, the military government now considering a dramatic move, outlawing the muslim brotherhood. but with brotherhood supporters vowing to keep the protests going, it could push egypt to the edge of civil war. mohammed lila is in cairo with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the mood on the streets is tense, there are police and soldiers and armored personnel carriers on neerl -- nearly every major street. they are bra
the threats that led to the closing. are the embassies opening again now because u.s. officials believe the drone strikes in yemen this week actually got the plotters? >> george, officials say the plotters of this specific plan were not killed in strikes in yemen, but the dead are part of the network of terrorists trying to kill americans. intelligence officials believe the plan was to send a truck bomb into the u.s. embassy there. but a senior u.s. official, that because of the actions taken, the terrorists have likely moved the explosives out of the vehicle and are changing tactics. adding that we think that the imminent threat dissipated, but fear they have gone back to ground waiting for the next opportunity to strike. this immediate threat may have passed, but the threat of terrorism never passed. >> we heard from u.s. officials that tlebl that the nsa surveillance programs helped track this emerging threat. the president announced some reforms on friday in those programs. and had tough words for the nsa leaker edward snowden, said he was not a patriot. take a look. >> mr. snowden'
to the exclusive interview with lon snowden. the family's lawyer, thank you for joining us. some officials believe that a deal may be in the united states' interest. do you think your son is open to it? >> i'm not open it. that's what i'll share with my son. >> not open to it. >> not open to it. what i would like is for this to be vetted in open court for the american people to have all of the facts. what i have seen is political theater. i was disappointed in the president's press conference. i believe that's driven by his clear understanding that the american people are unhappy with what they've learned and more is forthcoming. what he suggested is superficial. we can go over that point by point if you would like, but a deal -- the only deal will be true justice. you know, justice should be the goal of our government. and it's also the goal of a civil society. >> those are the words of james madison. but i could make these points, george. number one, we have a date for visiting moscow. >> you're going to moscow. >> we have visas, we have a date which we won't disclose because of the frenzy. >> i
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10